History of Japan-UK cybersecurity cooperation

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l  October 31, 2011: Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba stated in his meeting with Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that the Japanese government is interested in advancing their bilateral security cooperation including cyberseurity. [1]

l  April 10, 2012: Prime Ministers Yoshihiko Noda and David Cameron agreed that the two governments “strengthen bilateral consultation on issues related to cyberspace” in their joint statement, “A Leading Strategic Partnership for Global Prosperity and Security.”[2]

l  June 3, 2012: The Japanese Ministry of Defense (MOD) and UK Ministry of Defence signed their bilateral memorandum relating to defence cooperation and referred to their cooperation on cybersecurity.[3]

l  June 19-20, 2012: The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) hosted the Japan-UK Cyber Dialogue in its Tokyo office. The Japanese participants include the MOFA and Cabinet Secretariat, whereas the UK participants include the Cabinet Office. The two governments discussed how each of them work on cybersecurity, how they can cooperate, how they should establish the international norm, what challenges they face to their national security, and how they counter cyber crimes.[4]

l  October 17, 2012: Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba and Foreign Secretary William Hague discussed issues associated with cyberspace at their working dinner prior to the first Japan-UK Foreign Ministers’ Strategic Dialogue in London. The substance of their discussions remains unknown.[5]

l  October 16, 2013: Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Foreign Secretary William Hague agreed to start working-level discussions for bilateral defense cooperation including cybersecurity, maritime, and space at the second Japan-UK Foreign Ministers’ Strategic Dialogue in Tokyo.[6]

l  May 1, 2014: Prime Minister Abe and Prime Minister Cameron had a summit meeting in London and agreed to cooperate on cyber and physical security for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, based on lessons learned from the 2012 London Olympic Games.[7]

l  December 15, 2014: 2nd Japan-UK Cyber Dialogue in London.[8]

l  January 21, 2015: 1st Japan-UK Foreign and Defence Ministers’ Meeting (2 + 2) was held in London and the ministers agreed to promote cyber security dialogues and cooperation.[9]




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